Wind in the Willows

Always loved Wind in the Willows and here is my version of it.

Swimming with Whales

Who wouldn't love to be Swimming with Whales

Kite Flying

Summer evening Flying a Kite.

Bear in the Garden

This is an idea for a story i have buzzing young in my head.

Black and white Knight

A Black and white Knight 

Ladybird Rider

Little Boy riding a Ladybird

Lonely Rabbit and Squirrel

This started out as a happy camping image (Hence the marshmellow) but i was listening to a sad song on repeat and with out realising it, it turned into this!

Beauty and the Beast

A little Beauty and the Beast Fan Art here, you can see the whole process from start to finish on my YOUTUBE page.

Black and white child sketches

A few Black and white Child sketches

Girl with flowers

Trying some dot eyes on this little girl.

Black and white with a splash of colour

Here i did a little black and white boy sketches with just a splash of colour.

Little Red Riding Hood

A little vignette of Little Red Riding Hood and that sneaky wolf.

Lemony Snicket

This was a Black and white illustration on my take of Lemony Snickers series of Unfortunate events.

Bright logo

This was for my Agency who were asking their illustrators to have a go and doing a logo for the Bright Agency .. so heres mine.

Dino egg shell

Little sketch of a baby T-rex emerging from their shell.

Black and white Cat sketch

Doing a little sketch of a cat nice and simple

Foxlock Holmes and Watson

This started as a little doodle in the sketchbook, but i had a little mess about with colours, i think i will work on these characters as i can see a story in the, i just need to investigate it.. like Mr Holmes

Newt Scamander

This started as a doodle in the sketchbook, but wanted to colour him, i think its come out quite well, i love the colour of his coat and want one myself. have been experimenting with Dot eyes and tried them with Newt, i think they work?!

Santa and the list

Haven't had time to do much Christmassy doodling this year, but managed to fit this in, i quite like it, and would quite like his pyjamas too, its a 24/7 job checking the List.

Black and white Boy and Monster

A little B&W piece to show style for Chapter books

Alice in wonderland

This was done as a fake cover for Alice in Wonderland, bit of a play around with style.


This was my take on Eleven from the Netflix series Stranger Things, i did the sketch months ago and finally got round to colouring it.

Walk in the woods

Here is a little illustration, i did a quick doodle in the sketchbook during inktober and wanted to see what it was like in colour, i did 4 different versions of this and posted on Facebook and twitter and this was the one that most people chose as the best colour.


This was a little test, playing around with a Watercolour brush in Photoshop, wanted a softer feel to the image.


This was just a little test image trying out some different styles of colouring.

Gone Fishing

This started as a small doodle in my sketchbook which i scanned into photoshop and coloured, i like this image its a new style of colouring for me and i don't usually use Dot eyes, but i like the subtle colours and feel to the image.

Treehouse Chilling

This started as a doodle in the sketchbook one morning and then i worked on it in photoshop, i tried a more chalky sort of colouring and really enjoyed doing this one, i wanted a summer evening feel to the colours. i'd definitely like to work on this style of colouring.

Under the sea

This was done in the same sort of style of colouring as the treehouse image, again really fun to do and also started as a doodle in the sketchbook.


This was a quick illustration for a #Colour_Collective over on twitter and Facebook, just playing around really, did a few shark doodles in my sketchbook one day sitting by a canal and coloured them in photoshop.

Fox and Mouse

This was one of the first little illustrations i did to try out a new style of colouring, just working on a little fox doodle i did ages ago.


This was a little thing i did for a Harry Potter Drawing weekly challenge over on Facebook, again just experimenting with a new chalky colouring style.


This was a quick illustration i did the other day, again playing around with styles, tried it with and without the sky, folks over on twitter and Facebook thought it was better with the sky .. so here it is with sky.

Monster Pet

Monster pet, a little B&W illustration to top up the portfolio, ideal for Chapter books.


RUNNNNN !!!! another little B&W illustration for the portfolio, suitable for chapter books.

Kids in the woods

Here is a little illustration i did today, first time in a long time I've had some free time to do any personal work, this started as a small 2 minute doodle in my sketchbook which i was going to do as a B&W image but decided today to make it a colour illustration, all done in photoshop.

Fox and Rabbit

Fox and Rabbit was a little test illustration, just trying out another style of painting, trying to use a more chalky style. these characters were little doodles in my sketchbook which i played around with in photoshop.

Cave boy and baby Mammoth

This was done from a small sketch of a cave boy in my sketchbook, and decided to make it a full illustration in photoshop.

Witch Daydream

This was a little Illustration i did in Photoshop while waiting for some feedback on a few books I'm working on. I really like the colour palette in this one and the witch character, i may develop her a bit more and use her in her own story.

Billy the Kid

I'm starting some famous people sketches and thought i would start with Billy the Kid, i kept it sketchy with a rough outline and simple shadows and highlights, i think it gives it a light free feel to it. Done in Photoshop.

Burger Time

Burger time is a little B&W illustration, just topping up the B&W images in my portfolio, very suitable for chapter books.

The Great Pig escape

This was done with no outlines and pattern overlays in photoshop.

Pig Pirates

This is my first illustration of 2016 and the first in my new painting style. Done with oil paint brush in photoshop.

Dragon and Knight

This started as a pencil sketch of the knight and a separate sketch of the dragon in my sketch book, which i scanned into photoshop and created a scene and coloured.


Playtime, another B&W portfolio doodle.

Don’t Look Behind You
This was a very simple image in black, White and grey, using just silhouette, I think it’s a very atmospheric image.
Viking Family
Another Black and White portfolio piece, I may develop these characters into a story of their own.
Whale Watching
This was done a while ago, A nice simple image but I do love that whale.    
Windy Girl
 People seem to like this girl, I used her in another illustration with a goth girl but I think she deserved a spot on her own, simple and cute.
This was done as a quick pencil sketch originally then scanned into the computer and coloured in photoshop, No outlines in this image, I like this one I think he’s a cute little character.
Sofa Sisters
Using very simple shading on multiply layers and a few pattern overlays for the sofa etc.
Bubble time
This was trying something new, a slightly sketchy outline, and the background I left as a rough drawing which I thought looked quite effective. I was rough with the colour and wasn’t too worried about it meeting the lines.  
Snail boy
another little spot image with a sketchy outline and basic and scratchy shading, nice bright bold colours. 
Girl Variation
Another B&W spot image showing two girls with polar opposite looks.
Halloween B&W spots
Some Halloween characters in Black & White. Done in Photoshop.    
Mad Scientist
Was playing about with some glowy look, in this scientists basement Lab. I don’t use any lighting effects I just paint on top of the colour to get the effects I want.
Peter Pan and Gang
This was another experiment with trying the Non outline technique again.    
Boy In Snow
This was one of my first try’s with Illustrating without using outlines.
City Kids
Another portfolio piece, using less detailed shading, going back to basics and keeping the black outline in this one.
Dog Washing
Another little spot image, with a slight colouring style change, leaning more towards a sketchy outline with simple shading.
Girl In the Park
This is done in photoshop, using simple colours, coloured outines and a few pattern overlays for the trees.
1960’2 Moon Girl
This was a little portfolio piece for some Black and white work, a snazzy curvy 60’s style space girl. Done in photoshop.
Alien Meeting
This was for Colour collective over on twitter, Drawn on paper and scanned in to computer then coloured in photoshp.
B&W Cat and badger
This was another little portfolio piece for some Black and white work, just a small spot image, done in photoshop.
B&W George and the Dragon

This was another little portfolio piece for some Black and white work, here is little St George before the fame kicked in, he was always a brave little soul. Done in photoshop.


Fire Fly Watching
Wanted to experiment with some warm inviting evening colours, we don’t have fire flies in this country which is such a shame, i would love them. i think subconsciously i think this little boy is me. All done in photoshop drawn on my Wacom Cintiq 24hd.

Grumpy Troll

This was all done in Photoshop drawn on my Wacom Cintiq 24hd. This is a little character i developed and may use him in a story in the future.

Roll up Roll up

Always wanted to do a traditional circus illustration with the classic strongman, tried to keep the colours nice and subtle. Done in Photoshop on my Wacom Cintiq 24hd

Trick or Treat…. Trick

This was a new portfolio piece for my Agent for halloween, this was great fun to do apart from the laptop freezing up constantly.Think the Vampire boy id my favourite, all done in Photoshop.

Bee’s first day at work
This was done in photoshop, i like the idea of each bee have that nervous first day at work, just like the rest of us.

Santa laughing

This is a design i did in photoshop which i will be getting printed as christmas cards this year.


Everyone loves The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe, did this in photoshop, always liked the scene with Lucy meeting Mr Tumness.

Tween Girls

This was done in photoshop, was doing some Tween character designs for the portfolio.

Woodland creature
This was done with Copic markers , no idea what it is but i think it's cute.

Snail Rider
This was a portfolio piece for some B&W sketchy images, i like this little snail riding Nomad, i think there could be a story in there somewhere.

Raft Ride
This was a portfolio B&W piece of a few friends who built a raft for a sail, i remember doing this stuff as a kid too.

Red riding hood
This was done a while ago now but i still like it.

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